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Influencer marketing returns an 11x greater ROI than traditional advertising.

Who influences your customers?

While many brand partnerships focus only on numbers and stats, we know that real influence has a lot more to do with trust and credibility than numbers. That’s why we’ve created an influencer program that truly matches influencers to brands, where it’s not only about numbers and metrics but about knowledge and interest. We provide measurable influence created by passionate advocates for your brand.

We know who influences your customers and we want to connect you. Grow your voice with us.




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We want you! Are you a wordsmith who crafts creative stories on your blog? Or maybe you’re all about showing the world quick glimpses of your life on Snapchat? Do you see the world through your camera lens and then share your vision on Instagram? Can you out tweet a bird? Maybe Facebook is where you really shine, connecting to your followers one post at a time?

Grow Influencer Group is the new kid on the block in the influencer management world. We want to work with the hidden gems of the social media world and connect them to brands for unique and exciting opportunities.
So how does this work for you? We go out and hustle for our influencers. When we land a contract we will reach out to the influencers in our database who best match the goals of the campaign or event. When we reach out to you, we will clearly outline what the requirements are for the campaign and what you will receive in return. You can then let us know if you would like to take part in the campaign or pass.

If that sounds like something you’re down for, fill out our form and you’ll be registered in our database. We’ll reach out to you when we have an opportunity that fits your unique talents.